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How To Avoid A Holiday Season Hangover!


We’re currently in the midst of the Holiday Season; where shopping for gifts, attending endless events, drinking excessive alcohol, chowing down on unhealthy bites and spending extra money are all the norm.  For most of us we love a great Holiday Party, but the hangover we have the next day, whether it be from food – alcohol – or money affects our well-being,  jolliness and attitude towards the Holidays.

To battle these stresses it’s important to think about the positives of the Holidays. Spending time with family, giving back to the less fortunate and receiving smiles and hugs for gifts you have given are all reasons to love this time of year.   Still, even with the positives you may have to remind yourself to stay joyful, especially after racking up your credit card OR cheating for the 10th time on your diet.

Here are my 6 tips on how to avoid a Holiday Hangover –  

1. It’s OK to say “no!” You’re going to receive a lot of party invites but realize you don’t have to attend all of them. It’s OK to say “NO.” Pick and choose wisely and don’t over-stress if you can’t make that cookie swap party or secret santa gathering with the neighbors. Let yourself off the hook!

2. Create a gift giving budget: The best way to avoid credit card panic, over spending and money stresses is to keep a Holiday Gift Budget and stick to it.

– Set budgets with friends and family – “This year let’s only spend $20 on our gifts.”

3. Make homemade gifts for people:  Most of the time people appreciate this more than a store bought gift. Here are some great ideas for DIY gifts!

– Also, make your own Christmas cards – click here on how-to make a great card at home!

4. Keep a workout calendar: Use a visual aid (put it in a place you look everyday) to help you track your exercise progress throughout December.  This will help you understand how much time you’re giving back or not giving back to yourself!

Find a December workout buddy to help keep you both accountable for workouts!

5. Eat before the party: Most parties have delicious  snacks at every corner and the best way to avoid eating lots of them is to eat before you attend.  Fill-up on a nutritious meal before entering the party and you will be less likely to binge on empty calories.

6. Do a pre-party workout: Have 20 minutes, try a doing a quick workout prior to your party and not only will you feel amazing but you will be craving healthy food options all night. Your metabolic rate will also be higher, helping you digest foods quicker.

Wishing you a season full of joy, happiness and healthiness!

Karen 🙂

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