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New Beginnings


Hello and welcome!

This is my first blog post EVER!  It’s exciting and scary…but 2013 has been full of exciting and scary adventures (and a whole lot of firsts), and it has been an amazing year! So, I’m taking the plunge and writing this post, having no idea what I’m going to write about, but having enough faith that it will be exactly what it needs to be.  

Is it me, or does it seem that doing almost anything new is scary and stressful?  And sometimes we spend more time and energy trying to avoid starting something rather than to just take that first step.  For me it seems to be because I want everything to be “perfect”, or I want to know just a little bit more information before I make my decision.  So, for me to be taking the step to write this (and then push the PUBLISH button), without doing all kinds of research, is a big deal!

I have started on a new adventure this year…The decision to go back to school to become a holistic health coach.  And I made the decision to commit one year of my life, a whole lot of money, and an almost complete halt to my social life, in less than a week.  So, why is it that some seemingly simple actions (like writing this blog) seem overwhelming and I tend to procrastinate, while other decisions, like going back to school, seem effortless?

I am making a decision in this moment to continue to keep taking action…to stop thinking and start doing, and to know that all will be well. Maybe you would want to do the same.

harder, better, faster, stronger,

Join me on the search for knowledge as I look to get stronger and healthier and look for more ways to enjoy life!


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